• 1992

    Sharetea was started as a tea drink vendor at Chongqing S. Rd, Taipei City.

  • 1995

    Sharetea Corporation was established and amend 2nd generation Store Design.

  • 1999
    • Released the “CUP-BON” brand to promote smoothie products and setting up franchise business Company in Malaysia.
    • Attracted by South Asian culture and start researching for Malaysian Food and Beverage market.

  • 2005

    Won the certificated of National GSP from China Productivity Center, the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2006

    Opened franchise opportunities to expand branches in north of Taiwan. Lian Fa International Dining Business Co., Ltd. was founded and integrated all aspect of brand value and position.

  • 2007

    “Taipei No.1 Real Milk Tea” honored by HK Apple Daily Newspaper.

  • 2008

    Released new style “Sharetea”, innovated healthy tea drinks in natural tea drinks and fresh fruit juice to build a fresh and healthier tea brand for customers, set an extraordinary standard for tea drink market.

  • 2010
    • Conducted remarkable brand promotion by performing endorsement of HK famous movie star Chi-wai Tsang.
    • Expanded to Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. Successfully step foot in overseas customers. Won the prize of “Taiwan Good Chain Store” by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2011
    • Represented Taiwanese culture in R.O.C. 100th anniversary celebration.
    • Stepped forward to international market, from Malaysia, Philippines, New York, Dubai, Brunei, Indonesia, and Australia.
    • Expanded to China. Taking the excellent and successful experience of Sharetea to the whole China market and even worldwide.

  • 2013

    Expanded to European and American market in Western Countries. Made a big hit by bringing the pride of Taiwan, Bubble Tea, into overseas countries.

  • 2014

    After 10 years of local research, in 2014 we actively started to research and develop new dishes.

  • 2015
    • We investigated the market, and in 2015 we planned out tactics for developing our brand entirely.
    • In 2015, we started to plan a strategy for MAMAK restaurant to open its first store in east Taipei.

  • 2016

    In January of 2016, Mamak, finally came onto the scene in the Eastern district of Taipei.

  • 2016

    In November of 2016, using the Malaysian spirit of Mamak as its core, ‘Kampung Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice’ was born the simon store in Taipei.

  • 2017

    In July of 2017, Mamak established in Taizhong.

  • 2017

    In August of 2017, Sharetea new style flagship store were established in Eastern district of Taipei , the unique quality of this store let it fall into a high-end market position.

  • 2017

    In December, Sharetea 8 opened the second store in Simon.

  • 2018

    In November, more than 100 stores across the United States

  • 2018

    In June , MAMAK store opened in Taichung Jmall.

  • 2019

    In May , Kampung has two more stores in Neihu Carrefour Store and Eslite Nanxi Store.

  • 2019

    In June , MAMAK Express store opened in Breeze Taipei Station and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Nanxi Department Store.

  • 2019

    In July , MAMAK Express has two more stores in Taichung Chungyo Department Store and Taipei 101.

  • 2020

    In March , Sharetea Daan Zhongxiao Store Opening .