What is Mamak檔?

The word “MAMAK” originated from the Tamil language and means “Uncle.” It is the common name of the Malaysian Tamil Muslims group. During the 10th century, MAMAK moved from Aceh, Indonesia to the Malay Peninsula and developed street-style food and beverages. Because of the poor economic conditions at the time, the food came from a simple parasol, a small cart, and a few tables and chairs.

MAMAK can be found anywhere in the city and the countryside. It has a wide variety of cuisines and affordable prices. Whether it be after hours or overnight, the cheerful atmosphere makes MAMAK the hottest place for simple street food.

Brand story

Founded in 2015, MAMAK is a traditional take on Malaysian street food. It features affordable prices and a simple style. We brought street food from Malaysia to Taiwan and transformed it from a street cart to a restaurant. Our intention was to implement every detail from the Malaysian culture so every customer can be immersed in the authentic feeling of the Southern Pacific Islander experience.

Five-star chef

Anand Pusudoray, MAMAK’s chef and successor to the Royal Queen’s chef, has generations of recipes and experience passed down from his ancestors. He is a tenured chef and has a very strict ingredient selection process. With so much on his resume, he undoubtedly brings out the most original Malaysian flavor in all of his dishes.



It is unique to have multi-ethnic cultures and traditions of Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, and Borneo.


We use high quality ingredients and generations of recipes to showcase the most traditional Malaysian dishes.


Our dishes are hand-made and fresh when ordered. Experience the spirit of food without borders and the classic brand of the Southern Pacific Islands.