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Brand Advantage

  1. Leader Enterprise : Founded for 25 years to apply in successful market managing experience.
  2. Market Trend : High acceptability of Southeast Asian cuisine and less competitor in market.
  3. E-logistic : Digitalize control of mature logistic transportation system to improve efficiency.
  4. Creative Marketing Promotion : Developing unique multi-media marketing strategy.
  5. Professional Training : Rigid training program to complete technology transportation and reduce risk of management and operation.
  6. Sustainable Counseling : Strong logistic support and assistance for Operation, Marketing, Finance, Development.


  • Aged 20 or above with good health and perseverance.
  • Single or partnership investment are all allowable with full-time management.
  • Educated over high-school degree and good credit.
  • Recognition of the advantage of franchise business, holding the same faith and concept of management, and passion of Food and Beverage business.
  • Franchisee shall take part in training program in person and pass the technique assessment.
  • All ingredients must be purchased from Headquarter for maintain brand image and consistency product quality.
  • Whether with or without location (If not, HQ will assist to search and evaluate market.)
  • Must set up legal company and prepare operation investment depending on locations.

Master Franchise Procedure

Master Franchise Procedure

Master Franchise Program

Master Franchise Program

Note 1: Franchise fee includes brand, technology transference, opening promotion event and advertisement, etc. Store construction and renovation, utensils, equipment, ingredients, self-purchase ingredients fee, company set-up, location deposit and rent, revolving fund are excluded.
Note 2: Please call Global Franchise Hotline: +886-989-265-999 for more details.

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