88 Paser

What is Paser?

The word “Paser” means “traditional market” in Malaysia. The Southern Pacific Islands are full of energy. Filled with the combination of local foods, the experience of multiple ethnicities, and affordable prices, the traditional market in Malaysia is populated with people coming and going while shouting.

About 88 Paser South Pacific noodle store

With the goal of creating special and enjoyable food, we combined dozens of spices with fresh ingredients and distinctive noodles from the Southern Pacific Islands.
You can taste the multitude of flavors including sweet, sour, spicy, and umami in our soups.
The reason why we call it “8” is because we roll up the noodles with a fork into the shape of the number 8.
The other meaning is that 8 also looks like an infinity sign, which signifies unlimited delicious flavor.

Taste the passionate South Pacific food and culture.
Find local foods with a human touch.
Trip with food
Enjoy unlimited heart

When walking into 88 Paser, you can feel like you are experiencing a traditional market in Malaysia.
Please enjoy Paser where you can feel the same atmosphere as if you were in Southeast Asia. You can eat local foods in Paser just like if you were in Penang.
We have 8 classic dishes from Malaysia and invite you to experience our food culture, which you can only find at 88 Paser.